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Business and Enterprise

A young person who has achieved success in business and enterprise against all odds, despite, and not because of their, background or personal circumstances This award celebrates the potential that exists within leaders of Africa’s most promising start-ups. This Award recognises the person demonstrating the entrepreneurial aptitude, commercial acumen, vision, ambition and drive to build a successful enterprise
This Award recognises business that has maintained consistent growth over five years, strong financial performance, understands its customer, has an engaged workforce with effective leadership, and is continually innovating to support future growth
An innovative business started and run by a woman. The business must be legitimately registered and operating for at least 3 years. Business must be viable with a positive impact on its community with a potential to grow exponentially.
This award recognizes a great leader, someone determined and motivated. A person with vision, flair and confidence. The CEO’s company will be successful in whatever field they are in. The CEO will add value to everything they work on. They’ll communicate openly, with integrity and humility and will inspire people around them. They are influential in their industry and possess vision.
This award recognizes the business personality who best represents achievement and longevity for over 15 years. The award acknowledges the honouree’s sustained achievements within the business community during a distinguished career. Honing their leadership styles as they lived and breathed their respective businesses and industry, they have demonstrated the value of growing with an organisation and becoming an industry leader. This leader has consistently delivered exceptional performance year after year.

Entertainment and Arts

This award recognizes an individual who is visionary and creative. They birth an idea and it becomes a reality. They continue to push the boundaries and increase the standard of the industry. They are influential and respected in the industry.
Includes writers, poets, producers (TV, film, music, radio, and print), artists, and designers.
This award recognises an individual who is a force in media. They are influential whether on screen or on air and continue to set standards in media. This award includes TV and/or radio presenters, journalists
A rising star in their country or Africa as a whole. This award includes actresses, musicians and personalities who are also influential online and offline.
This award recognizes people who share their talent and charisma with the world. They are influential in their industry and are well known. They have a strong brand and career. This award includes actresses, musicians and personalities who are also influential online and offline.
This award recognizes a veteran who has made notable contributions to the entertainment industry for over 15 years.

Community and Politics

The recipient of this award understands the inner workings of the community. They have a thorough knowledge of the problem they are tackling and have devised clear, measurable and sustainable methods for addressing this problem. They are trusted and respected members of their communities and have worked hard to build and leverage long-term relationships and empower and partner with other community members. They exhibit excellent communication skills, which they use to motivate and mobilize community members, promote their programs, and develop relationships with media, government, other not-for-profits, individuals, and funders.
This award is presented to a young person with a deep commitment to human rights and social justice and a proven ability to transform this commitment into effective action. The recipients should have demonstrated leadership ability, creativity, and integrity.
The Humanitarian Award applauds an individual who has shown selflessness and dedication in a bid to save, enrich or improve the lives of others. A humanitarian endeavours to improve the human condition through saving lives, improving the quality of life, and alleviating suffering, while supporting and contributing to the basic human dignity of those in need.
This award is presented to a young person with a deep commitment to helping improve people’s lives around them. This can be at a grassroots level or a community based organisation. The individual must have shown an extensive personal initiative and sacrifice. And has remained consistent for at least 3 years.
This award recognises a woman in a leadership role in the government. This award honours a woman shaping government in their respective country.